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TFC Hydro-Slay Solo White/Steel Grey

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Frame Color: Intergalactic (Steel Grey/Silver)

Pontoon Color: White

Straps: Steel Grey

Yeti/Seat: Seafoam/White



1-Inch Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe

1-Inch Aluminum Fittings

10’x19” Pontoons (with top chafe/double bottom for abrasion resistance)

Capacity: 800lbs

Weight: 95lbs (Including frame, pontoons, leg locks, diamond plate standing platform)

Frame Width: 52” (Made to fit in a full-size truck bed)

Length: 10 feet

Diamond Plate Standing Platform: Installed with rattle free “stealth tape”

Adjustable Leg locks

Adjustable Foot Rest

Anchor System: 8:1 pulley ratio (Harken ball bearing ratchet block)

Tornado Anchor: 24lb (weight options available)

Oars: Cataract Counter-Balanced

Yeti Cooler: with swivel base Wise Padded Rowing seat and integrated anchor lock

TFC Custom storage bags

TFC Custom Ultimate fly rod Holders

TFC Custom net/rod holders

TFC Custom adjustable oar towers

Heavy duty Sawyer oar locks/bushings

Split rail: accommodates removeable gas and rear mount trolling motor mount rail and entry/exit point

Seat incorporated cup holders (removeable)

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