Why a Cataraft?

Why a TFC Hydro-Slay Cataraft? Cataraft vs Rafts vs Drift Boats.

After purchasing a full-size raft, we began exploring every body of water we could, with a couple of problems; it was really heavy, needed a trailer all the time, couldn’t stop in small sections of soft water, and was tough to move with a self-bailing floor that held water. We wanted something inflatable, small enough to put on a truck (but just as stable as a full-size raft or drift boat), a boat that wouldn’t hold water, and launchable without put-ins or ramps. We wanted something that maneuvered more like kayak with the durability and forgiveness of a raft, and the stability of a drift boat. And most importantly, it needed to be able sit in small pockets of water to allow a person to stand/fish and small enough to explore any river at low flows, any creek, or any side channel. Along with all those needs, we wanted to add and innovate our own rod holders, net holders, motor mounts, anchor systems, standing platforms, and anything else that we thought would increase functionality and offer us more success compared to what other companies were offering. This started the obsession that led to the TFC Hydro-Slay.


And so it did …as we started creating and designing our own single man catarafts in 2016 that allowed us to explore any lake or any river (these boats are class IV rated). We wanted a truly versatile, transportable, easily maneuverable, lightweight, and remarkably stable cataraft. After 3 of years of R&D and trial and error, we finally had dialed in our very own TFC cataraft frame. We then started creating our own two man that kept all the same features and qualities of our original single man. As we began designing, we discovered what truly separates our brand and boats from the rest…

We understand how important the combination of functionality and personalization is. That is why every component is purposefully and specifically designed to make your time on the water enjoyable, easy, and successful. It is also why we uniquely design and offer different colors and combinations for every boat we build. Almost every boat we drop is unique and one of a kind. Our TFC Hydro Slay is an overall excellent river/lake cataraft for those advanced fisherman who want to get out and explore new water, guides, and beginner oarsmen who are getting into the boat scene; the TFC Hydro Slay is a boat designed for everyone. We are truly dedicated to providing top of line products that will help you be successful on the water and provide you the ability to get out, fish and FIND YOUR FORGOTTEN WATER.