A Family Business

Tallyn Bronson, Co-Owner of TFC

I am Tallyn Bronson, Co-Owner of TFC along with my father Jeremy Bronson. Talon Fishing Company officially launched at the end of 2021 with our Talon Hydro-Slay catarafts, but the TFC brand, idea, and vision began way before. I have been fishing ever since I can remember and fell in love with fly fishing after learning everything from my father at a very young age. This sparked a journey that has sent my father and I on an endless exploration of any place in the world that you can target a fish on the fly.

Jeremy Bronson, Co-Owner of TFC

We began to explore our own Colorado waters and as we did, we learned that we enjoyed doing everything on our own. The pursuit of not knowing and learning the small details of what made us successful on every river, lake or ocean was what truly motivated us to keep exploring.

Jeremy Bronson, TFC Co-Owner, states, “Over 35 years ago my grandfather told me stories of pack trips he went on. He told me stories of mountain ranges deep in the wilderness of Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

In these stories he told me of the vast stretches of untouched water. Rivers and lakes with no roads for many miles. He spoke of rivers so full of trout that you couldn’t keep them off of a line. For me at a young age it sparked a fire to explore, and fish every ounce of what I call “forgotten water” that I could find…

We are truly dedicated to providing top of line products
that will help you be successful on the water and
provide you the ability to get out, fish and

Find Your Forgotten Water

It wasn’t until I took my first float trip that I truly found a sense of what it was to explore water. After many years of exploring, I realized just how much water there was left to explore. There were side channels, back eddies, soft water hidden in canyons; there was “forgotten water” everywhere… This is what sparked the idea of Talon Fishing Company and the TFC Hydro Slay.

From the start, it has been a great contribution of the whole Bronson family to bring these boats, brand, and business to life.

Our family members from left to right:

Russ Bronson (Tooling/Fabrication), LeTisha Bronson (Corporate Accountant), Jana Bronson (Textile Design),
Jeremy Bronson (Fabrication, Design, Manufacturing, CEO) and Tallyn Bronson (Design, Media, Videography, Fabrication, COO).